Get back your creative flow

When Premiere Pro crashes it may take 20 minutes to redo your work, but that creative flow you were in is lost. You can prevent this in one evening by learning the steps industry professionals take to prevent Premiere Pro crashing.

Premiere Pro is without a doubt the most powerful video editing software available. There’s no other software out there that lets you breeze through your edit with such speed as you riff off of your creativity.

As you make one cut here and move another clip there, you get excited to see the ideal place for that clip you’ve been hunting for the perfect spot for. You grab the clip and drag it in and… poof! Premiere has crashed.


“Why does Premiere Pro keep crashing?”






Frustrated, you restart the software and grab yourself a coffee while you cool off and Premiere boots up.

Sure, you had autosave on so you’ve only lost maximum 20 minutes work, but that creative flow that you were in, that’s gone. No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get it back. You try to recreate the exact same edits as before but you can’t quite seem to match it exactly. The rest of the day drags and you’re working at half the speed you were before the crash.








How much time do you think you’ve wasted redoing work you lost in Premiere? 5 hours? 5 days?

The Premiere Pro Stability course is designed to give you the knowledge to avoid this happening again. In 2 hours you’ll be able to implement the steps major studios like Vice and BBC take to avoid Premiere crashing.







“I am already putting it into practice and it changed everything for me, in the best way.” – Pia, Los Angeles






Get back your creative flow
Reclaim hours of possible lost work
No more working late having to play catch up without extra pay
Stop stressing about when the next crash will happen
Save $1000s by not replacing your PC too early




You might be thinking this won’t work for you because you have a slow PC, but here’s some news that could save you $1000s. If you follow the steps in this course then you will be able to edit in Premiere on almost any modern PC.

No more working late having to play catch up on the time you lost to crashes.











How to ensure lag and stutter free editing
How to use Premiere at its most stable
The steps major studios like Vice and BBC take to keep Premiere stable
How to optimise every asset for the smoothest editing experience
Understand important codecs
How to share projects across systems without compatibility issues




As a freelance video editor, YouTube is an incredible way to learn the basics. As you make your way through the maze of tutorials you pick up pieces of information, but YouTube doesn’t really give you the whole. That’s where structured knowledge like this really pays dividends.

Employed video editors at places like Vice will have this knowledge drilled into them over the course of several weeks. But us freelance editors have chosen personal freedom over employment, so we have to figure this stuff out on our own.

Unsplice is like a mentor for freelance editors, teaching you industry best practices from the comfort of your own desk. And because we appreciate your freelance time is money, you can pick up that knowledge in only one evening. If you wanted to start this course after dinner, the next morning you could start work knowing how to prevent Premiere Pro from crashing again.




Teacher and student video editing






You’ll find this course invaluable if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • Premiere Pro regularly crashes when you use it
  • You are a freelance video editor looking to understand professional workflows
  • You are unsure what codec to use for what situation
  • You are unsure how to transcode
  • You don’t know the difference between a delivery format and a working format
  • You are unsure how to create and use proxies
  • You are curious to find out how professional editors and assistant editors handle assets
  • You’d like to know how to prepare a project ready for hassle-free creative work
  • You are self-taught and would like to begin working in Premiere Pro professionally




“The course was so helpful. It really gave me the foundation I needed to move forward. None of these things were ever explained to me in such a clear way.” – Pia, Los Angeles




In this 2 hour class, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of preparing assets for a smooth editing experience in Premiere Pro. You’ll understand what settings to adjust for added stability. You’ll gain a basic understanding of codecs and also learn some of the technical terms used in a professional environment.





    • File format essential knowledge
    • Video file formats
    • Transcoding video for Premiere Pro
    • Checking for problematic formats
    • Audio file formats
    • Transcoding audio for Premiere Pro
    • Stable still images
    • Renaming
    • Ingesting
    • Proxy workflow
    • Working with Dynamic Link
    • Sequence settings
    • Last resorts
    • Export settings
    • Export presets




“The course covered a lot of info but was done so in an appropriate way that was not overwhelming” – Matt, North Carolina




So much of the knowledge in this training cannot be found in other courses or resources. We looked. Some guides tell you to adjust some settings to keep Premiere happy. That might mask some symptoms but that does not fix the cause. This course gives you the strongest foundational knowledge that can only be learned through years of working at different post studios and pulling the best knowledge from each. That knowledge has been condensed to give you back your sanity in just two hours.







By now you’re probably wondering how much the training costs? It took many years to amass the knowledge taught in the course and a huge amount of time perfecting the material, but we understand that as a freelancer it’s important to keep a close eye on finances. We’ve calculated the best price possible at only £96.







For this fair price you get:

To keep your creative flow on future projects
Peace of mind
Years of knowledge in 2 hours
Back your evenings from not having to play catch-up because of crashes
To delay purchasing a new PC saving you $1000s
You’ll also get some reference PDFs with essential info you can quickly refer back to if you ever forget some techy details




“The PDFs and cheat sheets were much appreciated as they are very helpful tools to have during and after the course. I really don’t have any negative feedback!” – Matt, North Carolina








Once you have taken the course and followed the instructions, if Premiere keeps crashing then get in contact and we will jump on a call to help you solve the problem. If we still can’t help you prevent Premiere Pro from crashing and it’s within 30 days of purchase you will receive a full refund.









Who is this training for? Is it for me?
This module is aimed at freelance editors who would like to learn industry practices for the stable use of Premiere Pro.
Do you guarantee that Premiere Pro won’t crash?
Unfortunately that’s not possible. Software by it’s very nature cannot be free of bugs and so we cannot guarantee that you will never experience a crash after following everything in the course. However the methods you learn in the training are the same methods used by some of the biggest production studios in the world, so you can be sure you will know how to protect yourself against as many crash-inducing scenarios as you will encounter in everyday use.
How do I take the course?
The course is one video, roughly 2 hours long, with a quiz at the end. You will receive PDF handouts as part of the course.
Do I have to use Premiere Pro?
The course is designed specifically for Premiere Pro, but some of the transcoding and vital file format information is relevant to all NLEs. You can download a free trial of Premiere Pro here.
Do I need to download anything?
Yes. You will need to download some footage. You will receive a link to download the assets when you purchase.
Who is the class taught by?
The class will be taught by Shiny, the founder and lead trainer of Unsplice.
Is there a guarantee or refund policy?
There is a 30 day guarantee. Once you have taken the course and followed the instructions, if Premiere Pro keeps crashing then get in contact and we will jump on a call to help you solve the problem. If we still can’t help you prevent Premiere Pro from crashing and it’s within 30 days of purchase you will receive a full refund.
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