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LEARN industry standard WORKFLOWS

With the Technical Workflow (for Premiere Pro) bootcamp you can transition from self-taught to professional workflow by learning the technical knowledge and step-by-step workflow professional Assistant Editors use to prepare a project ready for crash-free editing in Premiere Pro.


When you start out video editing, YouTube feels like the fountain of all knowledge. You can find out how to do tons of effects, how certain edits are done, keyboard shortcuts etc. Life is simple and your Premiere Pro workflow is to just pull your assets in and start cutting. But when you start working in a professional environment everything changes.

Assets are handled in a particular manner, codecs become life or death, and all the workflows you taught yourself at home aren’t relevant anymore.









At the risk of sounding obvious, when you progress through your video editing career the quality of the films you work on gets better. As the quality of the films get higher, so do the complexity of your Premiere Pro projects. This means if you’re not handling assets correctly and using correct technical workflow then Premiere Pro can become slow and unresponsive, or worse, crash.

That’s why when editing larger projects for online or broadcast, there are rules for Premiere Pro workflow that every editor should follow. When followed, these rules:

  • Prevent Premiere Pro and other NLEs from crashing
  • Prevent playback stuttering
  • Ensure super-fast software interactions
  • Enable Editors to share projects safely
  • Enable Editors to work on someone else’s project hassle-free
  • Ensure compatibility with different software and hardware
  • Ensure the editing software is stable with media based on servers

These are critical when working in a professional environment.






The Technical Workflow (for Premiere Pro) training module teaches you those rules, as well as some of the important video editing terminology used in these situations. Once understood, you’ll be equipped to start working as a professional Assistant Editor within Premiere.



“Your course really helped me to pursue my goals of becoming a full-time pro editor.” – Mark, Ireland



Learn professional Premiere Pro workflows
Learn terms used by professionals
Prepare a Premiere Pro project for creative work
Impress employers with your understanding of their workflow






So, who is this training for? You’ll find this module invaluable if you can relate to any of these statements:

  • You are unsure what codec to use for what situation
  • You are unsure how you should be laying out your projects and folders
  • You are unsure how to transcode
  • You don’t know the difference between a codec and a container
  • You don’t know the difference between a delivery format and a working format
  • You are unsure how to create and use proxies
  • You are unsure how to create a multicam sequence
  • You are unsure how to create a stringout (/syncmap)
  • You are unsure how to use transcriptions
  • You are curious to find out how professional editors and assistant editors handle assets
  • You’d like to know how to prepare a project ready for hassle-free creative work
  • You are self-taught and would like to begin working professionally


Do any of these sound like you? Well, the Technical Workflow module clarifies all of these in one day.





“A massive thank you for today, I thought it was brilliant, from beginning to end, and just what I needed.” – Jack, London



In this live online class, you’ll learn an Assistant Editor’s workflow in Premiere Pro. You will be guided step-by-step through the process of preparing a Premiere Pro project ready for creative work. You’ll understand everything you need to do and why; from the moment you receive the rushes to the point it’s ready for editing yourself or to hand to a senior editor for creative work. You’ll also learn some of the technical terms and jargon that are used professionally along the way.



Understanding of codecs including what to use and when
Professional file structure
Optimal file formats
How to prepare footage for an edit
How to ingest assets to Premiere Pro correctly
Delivery specs and what the options mean
Essential Colourspace terminology
Proxy workflow
Multicam workflow
Create a prepared sequence for edit
Subtitle workflow
Export settings for every situation





  1. INTRO
    • Outcome of module
    • Why technical workflow is important
    • What the module is about and how it’s formatted
    • What is file structure
    • Why file structure is important
    • File structure do’s and don’ts
    • Settings to check or adjust to make your life easier
    • Bin structure
    • Delivery specs
    • Framerates
    • Aspect ratios
    • Video file formats
    • Audio formats
    • Transcoding
    • How to transcode
    • Ingesting
    • Reviewing footage
    • Proxy workflow
    • Multichannel audio
    • Multicam sequences
    • Syncing audio
    • Stringout
    • Working with transcriptions
    • Subtitles
    • Export settings for different situations



This will be a live online masterclass lasting one day where you will be guided along every step. All your questions will be answered by Shiny as you go through the training together.



“You have a Gift, from one Practitioner / Educator to another.” – Mark, Ireland



If you were to learn everything taught in this module on your own, or you were hoping to be trained by an employer, it would take around three months of learning. By taking the Technical Workflow module you can condense all of that learning into one day, freeing up the next three months with your next employer/client to network and impress, getting you closer to editing bigger, better projects. If you think about it, an employer is going to be more impressed and have greater trust with an editor who knows their stuff from the start, than one they have to train up. This means they’ll put you on better work sooner.


“So, how much does all of this cost?” I hear you ask. This class will be available for the incredible rate of £299. If you get hired as a freelance assistant editor you should earn this money back in 2 days!


Enrolment is only open for 5 days and there are only 10 spaces available, so hurry!







Who is this training for? Is it for me?
This module is aimed at editors who are either at the beginning of their journey, or who are amateur and looking to make their first steps towards editing professionally, or any editor who is unsure if they are using the most efficient codecs and technical workflow.
When will the class take place?
Saturday 19th March from 3pm UTC.
How will I join the class?
The class will be held live online via Zoom. You will need a stable internet connection.
What will I need to join the class?
You will need a stable internet connection. You’ll also need a computer to work from with whichever NLE you prefer installed and licensed. The class will be taught in Premiere Pro. We recommend using Premiere because it is the industry standard for everything except scripted narrative.
Do I have to use Premiere Pro?
No, you don’t have to but it is recommended. You can download a free trial of Premiere Pro here.
Do I need to download anything?
Yes. You will need to download a few GBs worth of footage to use in the class. You will receive a link to download the assets a few days before the class.
Who is the class taught by?
The class will be taught by Shiny, the founder and lead trainer of Unsplice.
If I have a question that comes up during the class, how do I get it answered?
Just ask! If it’s relevant it’ll be answered on the spot. If time is short then it may be answered at the end of the class.
Is there a refund policy?
If you change your mind before the class takes place, no problem. You have 7 days from date of purchase to request a refund.
Still have some questions?