Increase video engagement. Decrease your workload.

We give your video team high-level creative storytelling techniques they can execute autonomously that increases audience engagement without tons of wasted time on feedback


High-level video editing, using your current trusted team




  • Rounds of feedback

  • Work on your plate

  • Frustration over trying to communicate what you want

  • Vague feedback like “Make it pop”

  • Guessing at what is good

  • Editors struggling with creativity


  • Creative autonomy from your video editors

  • Audience retention

  • Follow-through on video CTA

  • Professional and polished videos

  • Faster turnaround

  • Compliments 😉




We can train you or your team to give constructive creative feedback that increases video engagement and reduces rounds of feedback



Or let our expert editors handle all video feedback with your editors so you don’t have to



We can also train your video editor or team on industry-standard workflow, creative storytelling and client interactions to speed up delivery, develop creative autonomy, increase video engagement, and decrease client churn



Proven creative systems
Industry-standard workflow practices
Scalable storytelling frameworks
Quality assurance checklists




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Work with the people you trust the most

Hiring talent is scary. How do you know if they’re going to get it? Your current team gets it, they just need some help to be able to do it.



Short lead times

Lead times for service companies can be days. When it’s your own team you get an immediate response.



What you’ve achieved in the last 2 days is nothing short of incredible. It’s absolutely beautiful – and totally lands our thought.” - James Woods, Edelman


"The session with Shiny was fantastic. He’s very personable, knowledgeable and approachable." - Peter Noone, Australia


Shiny does a great job of conveying what it takes to capture an audience and keep them engaged.” - Mike, USA


Having access to professionals at the level where Shiny is at, is a blessing.” - Timothy, USA


Already the courses have changed my editing totally. I would have NEVER edited it like this one week ago.” - Sonny, Netherlands




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Sounds great! Tell me more

How does it work?

We can help you and your video team in one, or several different ways:

  1. We can train you or your team to give constructive creative feedback that increases video engagement and reduces rounds of feedback.
  2. Our expert video editors can handle all feedback with your editors so you don’t have to, increasing video engagement and the skill of your video editor, and decreasing the drain on your time.
  3. We can train your video editor or team on industry-standard workflow, creative storytelling and client interactions to speed up delivery, develop creative autonomy, increase video engagement, and decrease client churn.

We work with your team on a monthly rolling basis to build their skills for as long as you like. You will notice compounding improvements that are most noticeable after a year.

What happens next?

We’ve got different plans that work best for teams of different sizes, from one person to enterprise. Click the button to book a discovery call and on the call we can find out more about your current situation. We’ll then have a good idea of what plan would be most beneficial to you and your team.

When you’re ready to go ahead, depending on your plan, you’ll get immediate access to some of the training and we’ll jump on a team call to get an understanding of your current workflow and how it can be improved. On the call we’ll highlight some key areas for improved workflow to immediately speed up your video production process. You’ll receive a schedule we recommend adhering to to get the most impact out of the program in the shortest time.

We then work with your editor (and anyone else who is responsible for creating your incredible content) to improve their creative storytelling abilities. This will be through video training and expert feedback on live projects (depending on your package). We also provide a Feedback Framework for anyone responsible for giving creative feedback. This ensures rounds of back and forth are kept to a minimum and everyone is talking the same creative language, reducing occurrences of “I’ll know it when I see it”.

Who is this for?

Agency owners, creators, post-producers, and business owners who work with video editors and video teams to create commercials, branded content and documentary style videos for any platform. Whether your team is in-house, remote or overseas, we can help you streamline workflow and create engaging edits. We equip your team with the knowledge and tools to deliver consistent high-quality results.

Is this relevant for overseas editors?
Yes. We would love to help you upskill your overseas team. They just need to have a strong understanding of English because all communication will be in English.

Is this relevant for beginner/intermediate/advanced editors?

Yes. We work with editors of all experience levels and train them to edit at the highest level possible.

What will my editor learn?

Training is broken down into three programmes: Efficient Workflow, Creative Storytelling and Client Relations.

Efficient Workflow equips your editor with the knowledge of industry-standard workflows to increase the speed of their editing and reduce the time it takes to implement changes.

Creative Storytelling is the art of editing and keeping the audience engaged. This includes skills like storytelling, flow, pacing, music, sfx etc. This is where they learn how to come up with creative ideas that benefit each video.

Client Relations is where they learn the art of collaboration. The best editors are humble and collaborative. This is where they learn how to interpret feedback autonomously and keep all parties happy.

What will I need to learn?

As much or as little as you like. We will find the package that best suits you. Parties responsible for giving feedback can opt to receive a Feedback Framework and training on how to use it. This will ensure all feedback given to the editor is actionable and beneficial to the edit from an objective perspective. This avoids vague feedback like “Make it pop!”, reducing the number of rounds of changes.

How long is the program?

It’s a monthly rolling agreement with a 6 month minimum. We want to impress you with our impact, every single month.

My team is small/big, will it work for me?

Whether it’s just you and one editor or an entire studio, this solution will work. We have plans for teams of all sizes.

Who will the training be with?

You will be dealing directly with Lead Trainer and Founder of Unsplice, Shiny. He’s been cutting docs, commercials and branded content for clients like Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, VICE, and BBC for 15 years.

I wish I could clone Shiny to have an army of elite Editors working on everything we produce.” – Asha McClean, BBC Studios | Head of Post Production

Shiny is one of those editors you can rely on to make everything right.” – Alex Hoffman – Vice UK | Head of Video

Is there a guarantee?

If you’re not happy within 7 days of starting then you’ll get all your money back.

How do I find out more?