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Boost your job prospects with a TV Commercial on your reel

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Edit a professional TV Commercial in only 1 day, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate video editor. Learn the entire thought process and workflow a professional editor uses to cut a TV Commercial. Download the footage and follow along with every step. Cut a professional commercial to put on your showreel.


Teacher and student video editing


In this live online creative masterclass, you will be guided through every single step and thought process of the entire professional editing process. You will learn exactly what to do and more importantly, why. Guided through every step by a professional of 13+ years, you’ll learn a simple professional process you can use in every future edit.

At the end of this creative masterclass you will have a high-end-production quality finished edit of a TV commercial that you can use in your showreel to impress a possible client.


Have you ever been told you don’t have the experience necessary for a job, but you can’t get that experience without first getting the job? Well when you complete this course you can avoid that catch 22. Put your finished edit of this commercial on your showreel and improve your chances of getting similar work in the future.


This is the commercial you get to put on your showreel:

Normally you’d have to jump through hoops just to get hold of footage of this quality. In this masterclass you’ll get to edit with the raw footage and use the finished commercial on your reel.


How to ingest production quality footage
Professional workflow and folder structure
How to construct an assembly timeline
Thought process behind choosing the best takes
Fine tuning and pacing of edit without music
Using sound effects effectively
Preparing for colour grade
Preparing for professional sound design
Assembling graded footage and mixed audio for delivery

This live online creative class will be taught in a virtual classroom. There will only be 2 people in each class so space is limited. If you have a question at any point just ask and I’ll be able to answer it. Nobody gets left behind.

The concept of the commercial is simple enough for a beginner to edit, but there are a million ways it could be edited. You will learn what makes this particular edit feel ‘right’, and how to apply those lessons in future edits.






This is for beginner to intermediate editors who understand how to use their editing software of choice. As you can see in the commercial, there is no complex editing (ie. no overlays or speed ramping etc). The editing itself is straightforward, what you will learn is the professional creative thought process behind those editing decisions.



The masterclass will last 1 day over approx. 8 hours (with breaks).



You will be able to choose which day suits you best. Different days will have classes at different times to cater for different time zones.



You need to know the basics of how to use your editing software. This is a creative editing class. Everything you will learn will be about workflow and creative decision making. The class will be demonstrated using Premiere Pro because that is the software I use but you don’t need Premiere Pro to learn the lessons in the masterclass.

You need an internet connection fast enough to handle video calls. This is pretty obvious. But most people’s internet is fast enough.




Want to be a freelance video editor but not sure where to start?

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Shiny has one foot in the old school world of editing, and one foot in the new school. His crotch hovers perfectly on the line between the two. This is the line any successful editor must walk, and Shiny can guide you carefully along this line, under him, and out the other side.





Who is this course for?

Video editors who are beginner to intermediate skill level, who know how to use their editing software of choice. The editing involved is not complex, but the finished result looks professional. If you’re using Premier Pro, I can guide you around the software easier. You can download a free 30-day trial here. If you’re using any other editing software, then please come with an understanding of how to use your software to a level that you are able to edit together a family birthday video.


I’m using xxxxxxx software, can I follow along?

Yes, absolutely. See the answer above.


How long do I get access for?

The masterclass is a live event. However, you may purchase a recording of the masterclass to keep for life. You can purchase a recording of the masterclass on its own, or if you attend the masterclass you can purchase the bonus bundle and get the recording at a reduced price.


How many spaces are there in the masterclass?

There will be a maximum of just 2 people in the class, so be quick.


How long do I get to keep the downloaded recording of the masterclass?

For life, baby!


Can I use my final edit of the commercial in my showreel?

Yep. I want you to finish the masterclass with a piece you are proud to put on your showreel.


Where was the commercial shown?

This is a spec ad. What is a spec ad? It’s an ad that is created for the purpose of demonstrating a proof of concept or ability to execute an idea. Remember when I mentioned the catch 22 earlier about not being able to get certain work until you’ve done it? This is a director’s response to that conundrum. A director will direct a ‘fake’ ad to prove their ability to direct a real one. It’s standard practice in the industry.


Who directed the commercial?

Yours truly.


Will I learn how to grade footage?

No. You will learn how to prepare footage for a professional colourist to grade. Then you will lay the graded footage onto your timeline. This is a typical professional workflow for commercials.


Will I learn how to sound mix?

No. You will design the sound effects on the timeline and prepare the edit for a professional audio specialist to mix. You will then place the mixed audio onto the timeline for delivery. This is a typical professional workflow for commercials.


Phone and editing timeline


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Want to be a freelance video editor but not sure where to start?

Get your FREE 19-step Quick Career Plan • What to learn in what order to launch your freelance video editing career


Shiny brings something completely new to the films he edits.