Practice on your own is not the most effective way to master video editing...
Jeremy, USA
What makes Unslice Pro special is it consolidates everything you need to know about editing into a wholistic path. From the technical knowledge of codecs and proxies to the advanced art of storytelling, Unsplice Pro gives you everything you need to level up your skills.
Sonny, Netherlands
I didn't know what steps I needed to take to become a better and professional video editor.  I experienced that I became much faster at video editing, feel confident about the technical workflow aspects of it, know the toolbox of the different things that I can apply on my edits and the list goes on. I simply became a much better video editor on all levels and know better what I'm doing. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Mark, Canada
It's not an overnight thing, but as soon as I joined Unsplice I found myself getting editing gigs for the first time in my life. More than anything I have been encouraged in my craft and motivated and encouraged to go for it and be bold. That's exactly what I'm doing. I have a roadmap and a plan to follow through on.
Thousands of people before you have been told that if you want to get better at editing, then all you need to do is ‘practice’.

But that's bs.

Imagine you were going to take part in a karate match a year from now. To prepare, all you did was ‘practice’, on your own, maybe following tutorials on YouTube.
Your opponent began with the same experience as you and has also been training for a year. However, they’ve been practicing at a karate dojo with access to coaches, advice and a support network.

Who is going to win? Obviously the person with a guide and a community.

So, the advice to ‘just practice’ makes no sense. It doesn’t prepare you for the real world. You need a coach to help you with your technique and a safe space to try things out. You need a support network to bounce ideas around.

It’s literally the only way to win - both in karate and in editing.

1 year at USC film school
1 month of Unsplice Pro
As a member of Unsplice Pro you’ll get access to: 
  • 12+ video training workshops - strengthen your weakest skills (in only 90mins)
    • Modules include:
    • Storytelling Basics
    • Storytelling Without Dialogue
    • Flow
    • Pacing
    • Edit Faster
    • Technical Workflow
    • Creative Workflow
    • and more - ($1999 value)

  • Weekly group mentorship sessions - get personal guidance on your storytelling, workflow, career, or technical questions from an industry expert - ($397 value)

  • Get feedback on your edits - find out exactly where you can improve your edits - ($150 value)

    • Live monthly workshops - learn a new skill every month followed by a Q&A - ($397 value)

    • Footage library - practice documentary/commercial/promo editing and build out your portfolio - ($599 value)

    • Library of tools, tips, & tricks - quickly find time saving techniques and inspiration to give you an advantage over your peers - $Priceless

    • Community - chat forum to discuss all things editing/non-editing - ($99 value)

    (Total value = $3,641)
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    Have you been editing for over 6 months and you know your edits can be better, you’re just not sure how?

    If so, you’re stuck in the Perpetual Practice Loop, practicing what you already know without a roadmap of what skill to improve next. No doubt you feel lost and frustrated because all you really want is someone to tell you what to work on next. Once you have that you know you can get better. But when you’re working on your own it’s difficult to find someone to help you, which can feel demotivating.

    Unsplice Pro is the only community focused video editing mentorship program that personally helps you identify where YOU can improve your editing and explains how YOU can get better at storytelling, workflow, and client relations.

    Over the next year you will speed up your workflow, become a captivating storyteller, and learn how to have quality clients desperate to work with you, giving you the freedom to choose which jobs you take on, as well as where and when you work.

    There is an industry term for editors who struggle to come up with creative ideas - Button Pushers. For clients, these type of editors are disposable, meaning Button Pushers get boring jobs and clients will always look for someone else to do it cheaper. In order to become an irreplaceable In-demand Editor you need to master three skills:
    Efficient workflow
    Without this, you can be a great editor but clients will choose someone else who can work faster
    Creative storytelling
    If you struggle with creative ideas and storytelling then clients will only bring you basic boring work you hate
    Client relations
    You can be the greatest editor in the world, but if clients don’t enjoy working with you then you won’t get repeat work
    Unsplice training is broken down into these three categories so you can strengthen your weakest skills to become an In-demand Editor as quickly as possible.

    Once you’ve mastered these three skills you’ll find that clients come to you with work you enjoy, allowing you to choose which jobs to take on, demand a higher pay rate, and giving you the freedom to choose where and when you work.
    Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own
    Over the last 15 years I've already made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

    When I'd been editing professionally for 7 years all I wanted to know was how to cut like an expert. No course could give me a simple to follow framework to achieve that. So as I became an expert storyteller I documented everything I learned. And I've made all those lessons available to you within Unplice Pro.

    There are lots of courses out there that can show you how to do a certain thing or walk you through a process but the combination of solid teaching, hands-on-learning, and real time feedback and mentorship is something I have not seen anywhere except Unsplice. You almost don't realize that you're talking with and learning from these world-class editors because they are so humble and willing to chat and guide and give feedback.
    Mark, Canada