The Video Editing Community focused on your growth

Inside the Unsplice Pro video editing community, editors like you are improving their skills, progressing their career, getting answers to their most burning questions and making industry friends at social events.







Loneliness. Isolation. Lack of support. No guidance. Unanswered questions. No direct access to experts. Confusion with software. Nothing to practice your skills on. No accountability.

These are all things that Video Editors face at some point. This can lead to slow career growth, a lack of direction, long learning curve, developing bad habits, wasted time, and frustration. It’s no wonder so many video editors struggle to progress at the speed they want to on their own.
Mastering the art of video editing is a long process. Having access to professional guidance and a community to encourage you can mean the difference between time wasted and money earned.



Introducing Unsplice Pro

– Like a mentor and a community for freelance video editors







Unsplice is a video editing training school focused on creating the most literate and succesful video editors and storytellers in the world. Unsplice Pro is kinda like a mentorship for freelance video editors determined to improve their craft, their career, and their well-being.

Members of the private video editing community go by the name Splicers, and achieve video editing greatness through:

Weekly live group Q&As
Guided mentoring
Professional feedback on edits
Regular social events
A rate assessment on joining to ensure you’re getting paid what you’re worth
Industry focused education
A community focus on all things video editing
Monthly immersive creative editing training






We are video editors, not film editors. We create content for people, not studios. We’re proud to edit videos, not films. We can reach millions, days after filming. Give us a laptop and we’ll give you art. Anywhere. In a world where content is king, video editors build the castle. We’re trendsetters. We’re artists. We’re community. We’re video editors. We’re Splicers.






As video editors, we create some of the most shared content in human history. But remote editing has got editors feeling isolated. No mentoring or professional guidance can mean developing bad habits and can slow down career progression. Zero social interaction can make us feel kinda lonely. That’s why Unsplice Pro brings together a community of professionally minded video editors from across the globe to help them grow together, efficiently.


Unsplice Pro community members benefit from:

A safe place to ask questions, practice your craft and grow
Relationship building opportunities with like-minded video editors that can lead to sharing of paid work and long-lasting friendships
A personal sense of development that cannot be replicated by any online course
First access to new training, tools, and content


An emphasis on diversity and inclusion
A focused environment to accelerate learning and networking
A privacy-first attitude to you as a human being
A professional environment determined to get you where you want in your career



Unsplice is super stoked to be creating the first platform for video editors hell-bent on self-improvement. Not every editor is cut out to be a Splicer, and that’s what makes Unsplice Pro so great. This is where serious artists fast-forward their journey to video editing mastery. It’s where video editors learn new tips and tricks to impress clients the following week. It’s where talented artists expand their network, share work and grow as a unit.








Every month there will be a brand new live creative training designed to help you improve your video editing in just 2 hours. Whether it’s storytelling, workflow, effects, audience engagement, music editing, you name it, there will be a workshop on it. Best of all, if there’s something specific you want to see a workshop on, we will listen and deliver.

Here’s some of the training lined up:

How to use Premiere Pro without it crashing

Optimum workflows

How to edit to tell a good story

How to edit faster

How to pick the best shots to use

Music editing to maximise it’s impact





Every week you can get a helping hand with one of the hardest and most important parts about video editing – launching and progressing your career.

This necessary part of life as a freelance video editor is mostly neglected online. In Unsplice Pro you can join a weekly Q&A session about one key topic designed to help you further your career. Get answers to any question you have about the subject.

Here’s some of the topics you can learn about when you sign up:


Pricing and rates
How to find work
Creating the perfect portfolio
How to deal with burnout and find motivation
How to build the career of your dreams
Freelancer finances





As if everything above wasn’t already ridiculous value, we’re always looking for ways to improve your membership and your life.

Already we are in the process of creating a library of incredible video editing examples and you will get first access. When launched this means the next time you are looking for some inspiration you can choose from hundreds of excellent video editing examples.

We’ll be having monthly socials and quiz nights just for a laugh.

We’re in contact with some guest speakers who are experts in their field to join the weekly Q&A sessions.

You’ll be able to enter your edits into the ‘Editor of the Month’ competition.

You’ll also get free entry to regular Video Editing Challenges.

That’s a lot of cool stuff.

And if there’s something you want to learn or a tool that would make your life as a video editor better, we’re going to do our damn best to find a way to help you.




The Unsplice Pro membership is designed to guide you through every step you need to become the best version of yourself. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced video editor, you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom and a community spirit that’s hard to beat.


So to recap, here’s some of the things you get when you join Unsplice Pro:

  • Weekly live group career coaching Q&A sessions – Where you can get help with career progression tactics.
  • Monthly 2-hour creative editing training workshops – Held live where you can ask any questions you have.
  • Access to all past recordings – Of the live career coaching and creative training sessions.
  • Monthly online social events – Where you can meet other motivated video editors to talk about our incredible art form or just some nonsense, and participate in quizzes.
  • Free entry to regular video editing challenges – Where you can put your skills to the test against other video editors with real prizes up for grabs.
  • Feedback on your edits – From the community as well as from experts.
  • Discounts on small group training – If solo learning isn’t productive enough.
  • Video editing rate assessment on joining – (Only available for founding members) We’re not happy unless we can raise your rate enough to earn you back your membership fee.




Come take a quick tour of the platform with me:



You have a Gift, from one Practitioner / Educator to another.” – Mark, Ireland (about Shiny)





Open-minded. Driven to become better. Ability to problem solve. Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to welcome you into the Unsplice Pro community. We’re tired of the type of low-effort posts found on other free forums that could be answered with a simple Google search. That’s why Unsplice Pro is a paid membership community. This keeps the trolls out and the community tight.

Also, when you are financially involved in something you tend to apply yourself more and get better results.

You may also get a buzz from knowing you will be one of the special founding members. Founding members will help shape the private community into the ultimate tool in the video editors’ toolkit, and be able to say, “I was there from the beginning!”






Unsplice Pro is for you if you:

  • Are self-motivated and not afraid to take action
  • Are looking for more than just quick tips
  • Value humility, empathy, optimism, determination, and abundance
  • Practise diversity and inclusion
  • Are willing to give as well as receive
  • Already have basic NLE software knowledge


Unsplice Pro is not for you if you:

  • Are only interested in scripted narrative film editing
  • Are looking for a ‘quick fix’ to one problem and not continued guidance
  • Expect success to come easily or by following one simple tutorial
  • Expect others to offer you work
  • Are not willing to share your thoughts and ideas
  • Do not have a basic knowledge of NLE software




Awesome! We’d love to have you.

The first 50 members of Unsplice Pro get the royal treatment with:

  • 50% off for as long as you remain a member
  • The title of ‘Founding Member’ with an ‘OG’ tag next to their profile


Membership is only $97 $48.50 per month using discount code FOUNDINGMEMBER*.

*The first 50 people to join get to use the discount code FOUNDINGMEMBER to get 50% off for life!



It’s our policy to never discount in the future so access to Unsplice Pro will never be this cheap. This is not a sales tactic, this is the truth. Secure that dicounted price for life right now or regret it.


Cost of film school – $63,000 per year

Cost of Unsplice Pro – $970 $485 per year (annual membership using discount code FOUNDINGMEMBER)




  • Get unstuck with weekly live Q&A sessions with an expert
  • New 90min creative editing training workshops every month
  • Access to the many courses
  • Feedback on your edits
  • A safe space to ask any career/creative/technical questions you have
  • A tips & tricks catalogue
  • Monthly online social events
  • Free entry to regular video editing challenges
  • Discounts on small group training
  • 1-to-1 career planning session on joining – (Only available for founding members)

The first 50 members can get 50% off FOR LIFE by using discount code FOUNDINGMEMBER

Spaces are running out!



You’ve made me so excited and passionate about editing.” – Thomas, South Africa



Scrolled to the bottom?

Come take a quick tour of the Unsplice Pro platform with me:





How are the Q&As hosted?
Every week you will have the opportunity to join a live video call.
Who is hosting the weekly live Q&A?
The live Q&A is with Shiny. If you’re not sure who that is, he’s a professional video editor of 15 years in London, and also the founder of Unsplice. You can find more information about Shiny here.
How are the creative training workshops held?
These will be held via a live video call.
What is the cancellation policy?
We would love to see you stay but ultimately want you to be happy. Contact us first to see if there’s something we can do to make your experience better. If you are on a rolling monthly membership you can cancel at any time. You will have access for the remainder of the month and you won’t be charged again. If you purchased the yearly plan and are unsatisfied with the membership then please contact us so that we can come to an amicable arrangement.
Still have some questions?