Editing is broken

Freelancer platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have commoditised video editors and started a race to the bottom.

It’s hard to find highly skilled creative editors that just ‘get it’.

Editors are told that if they want to get better at editing, all they need to do is ‘practice’.

But if that were true then cooking three meals a day would make everybody a professional chef.

Clients who spend their days pushing emails lack the knowledge to provide constructive creative feedback.

This causes production bottlenecks and increased costs while diminishing audience retention rates.



Unsplice trains video editors and teams to become industry-standard creative storytellers.






Our mission is to build and teach creative editing systems, systems that can lead to industry recognised editing standards. We are trying to help build a world where consideration for hiring video editors can be based on graded skill alone, without prejudice of race/gender/name, and setting standardised rates for all professional editors.



None of these things were ever explained to me in such a clear way.” – Pia, Los Angeles




When you start your journey as a freelance video editor it can feel super overwhelming. You feel lost because there’s just so much to learn. And you don’t know what you don’t know.

Your biggest concern is where the next job coming is from. But you can’t find the work because you don’t have the portfolio, and you don’t have the portfolio because you can’t find the work.

Unsplice helps beginner through to upper-intermediate video editors become In-demand Editors for:

  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Branded content
  • Music videos
  • Content creation

Unsplice Pro is the only online video editing community that helps editors level-up their freelance career. With access to footage to practice with, training, plus community and expert feedback, Splicers gain a stellar portfolio and the skills that have clients desperate to book them.



That 6 minute lesson was highly valuable! Well worth my membership this month 👏😀” – Chris, UK



Unsplice Academy is a 6-month intensive 1:1 mentorship program designed to launch your professional freelance editing career. Like a university degree on steroids; editors are equipped with industry-leading storytelling, workflow and client skills. By the end of the programme, editors gain certification and a grade based on Unsplice’s strict criteria. We also work with Splicers until they have found guaranteed work.



I can’t express how grateful and appreciative for the work I have been able to do with you. Unsplice 4 lyfe.” – Mike, USA




“Can you make it pop?”

Speak this (or any other vague creative feedback) to an editor and you’ll often be met with a blank stare.

You end up going through round after round of changes without much progress because you think to yourself, “I’ll know it when I see it”.

What should be 2 days work turns into 2 weeks.

That’s a 500% increase in cost.

And those constant rounds of feedback are 10x-ing your cognitive load.

But this bottleneck can be fixed.






Imagine if your video team was able to perfectly communicate creative ideas that:

  • Editors could execute without query, and nail every time
  • Streamlined team interactions
  • Decreased rounds of feedback


This would lead to:

  • Increased audience engagement
  • Increased CTR
  • Faster delivery
  • Decreased production costs
  • You becoming a production superhero



Shiny does a great job of conveying what it takes to capture an audience and keep them engaged.” – Mike, USA



Your time is more expensive than an editors. Working with mediocre editors who require constant attention is a drain on your time, covertly increasing your production costs.

Unsplice Teams equips video editors and teams with industry-leading creative storytelling and workflow skills that streamline the entire video creation pipeline; increasing audience retention and CTR, and reducing bottlenecks, cognitive resources, and production costs.

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Unsplice was founded by Shiny BFE – an industry-leading editor, mentor, and Guest Lecturer at UCL.

For 15 years, household names like Vice, BBC, CNN, Condé Nast, Versace, and the biggest ad agencies in the world (Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Prodigious, plus others) have been battling for his time. He’s their go-to editor for commercials, fashion, and branded content, but most noted for his captivating documentary storytelling, cutting docs of all lengths for broadcast, online, and cinema.

You can watch Shiny cut a Mandalorian promo in real time here.



I wish I could clone Shiny to have an army of elite editors working on everything we produce.” – Asha McClean, BBC Studios | Head of Post Production


Your sync selection is perfect – you’re great at finding the best bits.” – Matt Shea, VICE


What you’ve achieved in the last 2 days is nothing short of incredible. It’s absolutely beautiful – and totally lands our thought.” – James Woods, Edelman


You have a gift, from one Practitioner/Educator to another.” – Mark, Student


I am already putting [your methods] into practice and it changed everything for me, in the best way.” – Pia, Student


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