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You’ve been editing long enough to know that you can pretty much make any edit out of any footage. You can make a horror out of shots from Toy Story, and you can make a car commercial using footage from Fast & Furious 29.

Wouldn’t it be great if we gave a bunch of editors the same footage to see who could make the best commercial? Yeah, we thought so too so we made this 5-day Commercial Video Editing Challenge: Learn to cut a commercial in 5 days – best one wins!







You create a 30s commercial using footage from a documentary that we provide to you. You’ve got 5 days to create the commercial.

Each day of the challenge you get access to 30 mins of live training that runs you through the steps a professional editor would take on that day to achieve the deadline. You’ll also get to ask any creative questions you have.

On day 5 you submit your finished commercial to win a prize.

If you cut one of the best three edits you win even more creative training and career guidance designed to rocket boost your video editing career and get you towards the income you’ve been dreaming of.





1st place – Beginner (editors with no paying clients yet)

  • One on one career coaching call with Shiny – The founder of Unsplice
  • Six months Unsplice Pro Gold membership (worth £294)

1st place – Intermediate (editors with paying clients <4 years)

  • One on one career coaching call with Shiny – The founder of Unsplice
  • Six months Unsplice Pro Gold membership (worth £294)

1st place – Advanced (editors with paying clients >4 years)

  • One on one career coaching call with Shiny – The founder of Unsplice
  • Six months Unsplice Pro Gold membership (worth £294)



Unsplice Pro is the only membership for video editors designed to improve your skills and your career. Members (affectionately know as Splicers) improve their creative editing with brand new 2-hour creative training every month, as well as weekly career guidance to help them find work and further their career. The membership is designed to give you the knowledge and the confidence to work on better projects you love and earn more in the process.

Unsplice Pro is launching August 1st and you lucky mothers get to be the first to get access. When everybody else is screaming about how good Unsplice Pro was for their career, you’ll be looking smug as you say, “I was there when it all started.”




This 5 day challenge is designed to help you improve your commercial video editing skills whilst having a bit of fun. According to science, humans are more likely to commit to something when they put money down. And because we want you to actually become a better editor by the end of the 5 days, we ask you to show your commitment by paying a very small cost to enter.


Just how very small you ask? Just £10.






Access to raw footage to practice editing (that you get to keep)
Daily training for 5 days that guides you through the steps of editing a commercial
Daily Q&A with a professional commercial editor
Prizes to help you improve your editing and rocket boost your career


All of this for only £10?


Yep. Bargain isn’t it?

The challenge will start on July 27th 2022 and you’ll have 5 days to submit your edited commercial.

Get your slot before time runs out!







What about music?
All music should have clearance for basic promotional use. If you don’t have access to a music library you can use www.uppbeat.io to source royalty-free tracks free of charge!
What if I can’t attend the live training?
A recording of every live video will be available to watch after it’s finished.
What is Unsplice Pro?
It’s a membership for video editors that offers brand new monthly creative editing training and weekly career guidance to help you improve your skills and your career. You can learn more here.
Who is hosting the weekly live training and Q&A?
The live training is with Shiny. If you’re not sure who he is, he’s a professional commercial video editor of 15 years in London, and also the founder of Unsplice. You can find more information about Shiny here.
How much time will I have to commit to editing?
Aside from the live training and Q&A, you should be able to do all the work necessary to create a great edit in about 1-2 hours per day (depending on how fast you are at editing). You can of course commit more time if you like.
What editing software do I need?
Whatever the hell you want. The training will be shown in Premiere but you can use any editing software you like. Note, there will not be any software support in the training – this is purely a creative challenge with creative training.
Can I use my finished edit in my portfolio?
Unfortunately not. BUT, if you sign up for Unsplice Pro you will get access to a TV Commercial masterclass where you can learn to cut a professional commercial to put on your reel.
What if I can’t join this challenge?
That’s a shame. It would be great to have you on board but we understand. Our next edit challenge will probably be in about three months. In the mean time why not check out Unsplice Pro membership? You’ll get access to loads of great training and guidance and you’ll even get access to a TV Commercial masterclass where you can cut a commercial to put on your reel.




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