What is Unsplice Pro?

Want to be a freelance video editor but not sure where to start?

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Unsplice Pro is your personal video editing mentor and supporting community combined

Unsplice celebrates video editing in all its forms, from documentaries to fashion films and everything in between. Unsplice Pro is a place for video editors to become better artists, and a place to bring the community together to celebrate our art form and share experiences and work.



Loneliness. Isolation. Lack of support. No guidance. Unanswered questions. No direct access to experts. These are all obstacles you face when working on your own as a freelancer.

This can lead to slow career growth, a lack of direction, developing unknown bad habits, wasted time, and frustration.

You may find you struggle to progress at the speed you want to on your own.


Having professional guidance and a community to encourage you can mean the difference between time wasted and money earned.


Unsplice Pro can help you through:

  • Weekly career coaching with live group Q&As
  • Monthly immersive creative editing training
  • Social events
  • A community focus on all things video editing
  • A rate assessment on joining to ensure you’re getting paid what you’re worth



We are video editors, not film editors. We create content for people, not studios. We’re proud to edit videos, not films. We can reach millions, days after filming. Give us a laptop and we’ll give you art. Anywhere. In a world where content is king, video editors build the castle. We’re trendsetters. We’re artists. We’re community. We’re video editors. We’re Splicers.



Unsplice Pro is the first platform for video editors hell-bent on self-improvement.

It’s where serious artists fast-forward their journey to video editing mastery. It’s where video editors learn new tips and tricks to impress clients the following week.

As we build out the platform you’ll be able to expand your network, share work and grow as a unit.





To help you launch and progress your career.

It’s the most neglected part on the internet, but the most important to your livelihood and a key focus of Pro.


Here’s some of the career coaching live Q&A sessions coming up:

  • 02/08/2022 – Tactics to move from Assistant Editor to Editor
  • 09/08/2022 – Career trajectory – maximise your learning timeline
  • 16/08/2022 – How to find work as a freelancer
  • 23/08/2022 – Portfolios & showreels – How to show off what you can do
  • 29/08/2022 – Prices & rates
  • 13/09/2022 – Is Premiere worth it
  • 20/09/2022 – Choosing a computer and dream setup
  • 27/09/2022 – Freelance vs full-time
  • 11/10/2022 – Finding motivation and dealing with burnout
  • 18/10/2022 – Dealing with clients – Assessing new work
  • 25/10/2022 – How to make it work remotely
  • 01/11/2022 – Is film school worth it?






Improve your video editing in just 2 hours with strategic monthly creative editing training on topics like:

  • Storytelling
  • Workflow
  • Effects
  • Audience engagement
  • Music editing
  • Whatever you wanna know



This is some of the creative training coming up:

  • 27/08/2022 – TVC Masterclass
  • 24/09/2022 – How to use Premiere without it crashing
  • 29/10/2022 – Creative workflow – Optimum order to build your edit
  • 26/11/2022 – Music editing for maximum impact
  • 17/12/2022 – How to edit faster in Premiere Pro
  • 28/01/2023 – How to tell a good story in documentaries



Secure your spot before the price doubles!






We are launching Unsplice Pro in beta phase. Once we come out of beta phase you will also get:

  • Community forum and chat room
  • First access to library of editing examples
  • Monthly socials and quiz nights
  • Editor of the Month competitions
  • Video editing challenges


Unsplice Pro is designed to guide you along every step you need to become the best editor you can be in the shortest time possible. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, there are nuggets of wisdom and a community spirit that’s hard to beat.


You’ll get:

  • Weekly live group career coaching Q&A sessions – Progress your career without trial and error
  • Monthly 2-hour creative editing training workshops – With Q&A
  • Monthly online social events – meet other motivated editors + quizzes.
  • Free entry to regular video editing challenges
  • Video editing rate assessment on joining – First 100



Driven to become better? Come join our community of like minded video editors.


The first 100 founding members get to say “I was there from the beginning”, and lock in a discounted rate for the duration of their membership.


You can get access to everything except the monthly creative training for only £25 per month.


And you can improve your storytelling and creative editing for only £24 extra per month.


Secure your spot before the price doubles!





Thank you for listening!





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What is Unsplice Pro?
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Want to be a freelance video editor but not sure where to start?

Get your FREE 19-step Quick Career Plan • What to learn in what order to launch your freelance video editing career