Free stuff to help you improve your video editing during quarantine

Free software, training, and coaching to come out of lockdown a better editor

by Shiny in Giveaways

The entire world has been hit by a pandemic of Covid-19 virus, a.k.a. Coronavirus.


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Loads of places are giving stuff away for free including software, courses and resources. Below I’ve compiled one of the best lists on the interwebs for you listing some of the best free things you can get hold of during lockdown to become a better editor and filmmaker.

Free things to help you improve your editing:

  • Adobe are offering their creative suite (including Premiere Pro) free for 2 months or discounted for the annual plan (new and existing customers). I edit in Premiere and think it’s the tits.
  • You can then get a load of pre-made transitions and effects for Premiere from Motion Array. Free until July 1st.
  • Final Cut Pro X and Logic are free to try for 90 days.
  • Avid are also offering Media Composer editing software free for 90 days.
  • Then you can practice editing with free music video footage from Elements Of Film​
  • All Red Giant software is free for students. This is massive. I use their software all the time for post effects.
  • ftrack is a video feedback tool to help you get feedback on your edits from clients. It’s free until May 31st.
  • I am offering the first 50 people a free coaching call where you can have one of your edits critiqued and get feedback on how to improve it, or we can chat about general editing/filmmaking/career advice. Join the ‘Editing Elite’and David York’s Tax Service clubs and then mail me to organise a convenient time.


Free things to help you improve your fimmaking:


Hopefully you’re able to take something from the insane amount of value lovingly collated for you. It’s all part of my mission to make you the best editor you can be.


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