Possibly The World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial

Learn to edit a Star Wars Mandalorian promo with a pro



Practicing video editing on your own is tough. You might spend years learning video editing online and miss a ton of things that working with a pro might teach you in just one day.

So I put together this series of video editing live streams so you can learn the advanced video editing methods a pro of 13 years uses. Learn absolutely everything throughout the entire process. From start to finish.

We’re going to be editing a promo for the Disney+ series ‘Star Wars – The Mandalorian’.




You can download the footage so you can follow along here. Convert the footage to a format that your editing software plays nice with. I converted it to ProRes LT to use in Premiere. You can even download my finished Premiere Pro project to see exactly how it was edited – click the link in the sidebar to the right to download the Premiere Pro project. Then follow along below.




PART 1 – Reviewing the footage and piecing together a rough sync cut


PART 2 – Finishing the assembly, adding music and some b-roll


VIEW THE ROUGH EDIT – How the edit looks at this point in the process


PART 3 – Responding to feedback, correcting a massive mistake, and polishing to a fine cut


VIEW THE POLISHED EDIT – How the finished edit looks before adding titles


PART 4 – Adding titles in After Effects



If you want to get hold of my actual finished Premiere Pro project then you can download it by clicking the link in the side bar at the top of the page. Then you can learn exactly how I created my project and the stages I went through.

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